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Does Your Pet Have Arthritis?

2015-05-26 Pet Health

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Something that lots of dog and cat owners eventually learn is that their beloved canine or feline is getting old fast. It seems that you get a year approximately of training them and breaking them in their bad ways. Then you will have a couple of magnificence years when they just like to play and are delighted to stop anything at a moment to join their owner in a play session. But as time goes they play less.


As your pet plays lesser in their lCat Arthritis 02ater years, they will still maintain their same lively character but it is when they begin to walk with a tense leg that something is not right and starts going downhill. Pet dogs and cats, just like people, have the tendency to experience dog arthritis or cat arthritis in their later years. In extreme cases, it can leave them sitting all day long when they ought to be up and about.

Pet Medications Produces Results

Sadly for per owners research funding for pet health problems and pet medications isn’t as plentiful as it is for research into human diseases. This is why treatments for chronic afflictions such as arthritis that plague pets are so few. The good news for owners of pets that are afflicted with arthritis is that lots of pet owners themselves have been trying their pet medications. These are easily offered, and a reliable treatment for pet arthritis has been discovered.

Cat Arthritis 01Your Local Drug Store or Online

It is a medication called “glucosamine” and can be purchased online or at your regional drugstore. Its reasonably affordable and it has been discovered to work best in liquid form. It is very important to bear in mind that the dosage recommendations that will be noted on the container are determined for humans. Your pet is undoubtedly smaller sized than a human, so make use of less depending on the size of your pet. Likewise, it will take about a week approximately before you will begin to see outcomes, so remember this.

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