Role of Oral Surgery in Dental Health

2016-10-07 Dental Health


Many people are not content with the conditions of their oral health. This might be attributed to oral injuries, diseases, and defects. Unfortunately, most of these ailments do not affect the oral cavity in isolation. They also affect the head, facials, and at times the neck. Oral health surgery is a branch of medicine that serves correct oral defects, diagnose oral injuries and treatment diseases affecting the oral cavity.

Oral surgeons mostly conduct corrective operations on the gums, jaws, removal of teeth and performing bone grafts to the patients. Initially, dental surgeries were done because of ailments related to poor oral maintenance. Nevertheless, this has since changed, and other medical reasons necessitate the need for oral surgeries.

Reasons for Oral Surgery

Crooked teeth

The path to adulthood is marked with significant body transformations. These changes are present in all areas of the body- even in the mouth. As the dental formula fills up, some teeth do not develop properly. In exceptional cases, wisdom teeth come out crooked and weak. As much as these defects are not visible, there do not feel right. Surgery is the best corrective procedure that can be used to remove these imperfections.

Teeth Loss

It is a common occurrence to lose teeth. Some people lose just a few in their lifetime whereas others might lose more. For those that would like to replace the lost teeth naturally, an oral surgery is the best way to go about it. A successful operation results in uniform, strong, and secure teeth that cannot be removed easily from the bridges and dentures.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ)

This disorder affects the area where the lower and the skull converge. Consequently, the individual ends up suffering from headaches and facial pains. When this happens, you can deal with this condition by physical therapy or use of medication. However, when these two options fail, a surgical operation is a sure solution to this situation.


In the event of a tragic accident, one might suffer from broken facial bone or jaws. In this situation, an Oralchirurgie Köln is the only sure way of addressing this condition. During oral surgeries, the jaws are aligned, and all broken bones are reconnected.

After the surgical operation is complete, you should expect some minor swelling and pain, which will fade away after some time. The magnitude of this pain depends on the surgical operation and the experience of the doctor. As such, you should invest in an experienced doctor that will handle y
our concerns during this difficult times.

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