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The Origin of the Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

2015-03-21 Health & Fitness

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The ergonomic kneeling chair is the bridge in between an ancient custom and modern ergonomics. For thousands of years, Tibetan monks have mastered the art of meditation through a practice and intense bodily wisdom.

In numerous faiths, dedicated monks will certainly sit in peaceful meditation in a single position for more than 8 Kneeling Chair 07hours a day. The first rule of prep work for an efficient meditation is to get the body ready for a long-term seated posture. The mind can not be relaxed and unless the body is too. Many monks and meditation professionals accomplish this bodily preparation through practice, yoga, and mental methods. The rest of us can accomplish prolonged, long duration sitting convenience through the use of ergonomics.

With the usage of an ergonomic kneeling chair, desk-bound office workers can experience comfort in a kneeling position, which assists to alleviate and minimize chronic back pain and the capacity for work-related injuries. Poor ergonomics can be known to lead to injuries in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine such as bulging discs and muscle strain and stress. To be effective in the workplace, a comfortable seat is obligatory. Seated convenience consists of a pain-free back, mild pressure in the seat, and unwinded legs. To accomplish this ergonomickneeling chair 12 structure needed for extended work sessions, the wise design of the ergonomic kneeling chair effectively conforms to among the earliest yoga poses: diamond posture. To read more about it visit

The word “Vajrasana” (diamond posture) in Sanskrit is comprised of two parts. Vajra means ‘Thunderbolt’ or ‘Diamond’, and Asana means posture. Diamond posture looks very much like the posture encouraged by an ergonomic kneeling chair. The seat inclines down, and a portion of weight is supported by the knees which rest in a kneeling position. The back and neck are vertically stacked taking alignment obligation off of the supporting muscles of the abdominals, lumbar spine and obliques. The tiredness in these muscles is commonly viewed as pain. This seated position offered by an ergonomic kneeling chair promotes vertical spinal positioning and takes a huge section of the weight problem off of the back, as the shins support an amount of the weight.

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