Urine Drug Test Procedure

2016-09-22 Drug Test


A urine drug test is carried out to measure the presence of certain prescription medications and illegal drugs. Consult the Drug Test Ninja to pass the urine drug test. This is a procedure that is painless and fast. It usually screens your urine for marijuana, amphetamines, alcohol, cocaine, opioids, benzodiazepines and others.

The procedure can help to recognize potential substance abuse issues. After the problems have been detected, your doctor can assist you to start a treatment plan.

When the test is used?

There are many situations where the test might be required. Your doctorsfsdfdsfs might request you to have this test if they suspect that you might have a problem with alcohol or drug. If you show some signs of confusion and your behaviors seems strange, your emergency doctor might order for the test.

In the modern times, most employers require potential candidates to have the test before they are hired. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities carry out the tests regularly to monitor their clients. The test can be done in home settings whereby parents might order their teenagers to take the test to determine if they are using the drugs.

Types of the tests

There are two forms of drug tests. The first one is known as immunoassay which is cheaper and offer quick results. However, it has the disadvantage in that it does not show all narcotics. At times, it might also offer false results.

The second type of test is referred as mass spectrometry, which uses similar procedures to get the urine specimen. It is more costly and last for a longer time before giving the results. The major advantage of this type of test is that it rarely gives false results.

How the test gfdfsdsdfsis taken

The test might be taken in your doctor’s office, hospital, home or even place of business. Your doctor doing the test will provide you with a specimen cup. You are required to urinate and place the specimen cup in your urine stream. Never allow the cup to touch your private parts. After you are through, closer the cup with a lid and take it to your doctor.

Test results

Your doctor will inform you of the results almost instantly. In case you get positive results for any of the illegal drugs, your doctor will advice you on the next step to take. In case it shows positive results for drugs you have not taken, you need to request another test instantly.

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